How About Dogs eating Strawberries, Bananas, and Pineapples ?

Sliced strawberries

Sliced strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Heart Shaped Red Fruit: (Strawberry)

Well the answer is a great big YES! your dog most certainly can eat them and they are just one of the many foods that’s safe for them to eat, they also contain an enzyme that helps to keep your pets teeth white, bet you didn’t know that?, and there is a homeopathic solution which is known as Fragaria Vesca, that is used to interrupt the buildup of tartar as well as help to keep it off your dog’s teeth, and guess what?, it’s made from strawberries!  Strawberries have antioxidants in them that can slow the aging of your dog by diminishing the regressive disease; antioxidants in strawberries can also lessen the chance of recurring diseases in dogs. Natural anti-inflammatory agents in strawberries have also helped dogs that suffer from arthritis as well as other diseases of the muscoskeletal system, and the dissoluble substance of the strawberry helps with the dogs’ immune system even more powerful which helps to fight off disease and illnesses.

People that eat strawberries receive plenty of advantages from them, like the antioxidants that help to fight the free radicals that cause cancer, fiber in strawberries make it a very good source for the elimination of your food because it helps to promote your intestinal tracts objective, strawberries are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are ver important for good health. Research has discovered that people and dogs are 95% alike in genetics, so it’s been acknowledged that dogs get the same health advantages from safe and reliable fruits and vegetables that are not toxic to them.

Sweet, Sweet Strawberries:

Strawberries have lots of sugar in them and if you allow your dog to eat a basketful of sweet juicy red strawberries then your dog can become overweight, because dogs are insatiable when it comes to eating. Any dog will smell of ripe strawberries in a strawberry patch in a heartbeat, but dogs have a shorter digestive tract and while a bowl of strawberries that have been hulled and sliced won’t have any effect on a person, it will most assuredly cause the dog to have a case of diarrhea, while fresh strawberries are a most welcome variety to a canines diet, however like most human foods it is best for your dog, if given strawberries in moderation cause on one really wants to be cleaning up doggie poop all day, so here is the rule to follow when feeding your dog fresh strawberries and be the way this is the best solution and it is (Moderation, Moderation, Moderation) this is the golden rule with any fresh fruits or even vegetables that you feed your dog.

Red Juicy Strawberry Safety:

First off I always remove the tops of strawberries before giving them to my own dogs. Just like with all fruits only feed them to your best friend in small amounts, even if they want more cause they can really put a lot of strawberries away in a hurry, if they eat too much of this sweet fruit then they can get diarrhea and don’t let your dog eat the strawberry plant if you have a patch of strawberries, the green leave are not harmful, however if you have a grown female canine that is pregnant then the leaves if eaten can make her start having uterine contractions and this might make her deliver the puppies to early, also it might be a good idea if you make sure the strawberries are organic and most defiantly does not have any pesticides on them, cause most of the time plants do have pesticides on them to keep the garden pest, like insects away and these pesticides are poisonous to your furry friend, even though they may not have enough to be fatal to your pet it’s best to be on the safe side anyway. From everything that I have read and studied about strawberries as treats for dogs, I have come to the conclusion that they are very healthy for your furry friend as long as they are feed to them in moderation, my own dogs love my strawberry treats that I make for them, So the next time you are eating this sweet juicy red fruit don’t be afraid to share some with your furry friend! Just make sure that they aren’t chocolate covered strawberries, cause the chocolate covered ones are FOR HUMANS ONLY !!!

What about feeding Your Dog Bananas ?

Alright is it ok for dogs to eat Bananas?

A bunch of Bananas.

A bunch of Bananas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh Yeah!! Dogs can and do eat bananas. Have you ever seen a dog drool over the anticipation of eating a sweet ripe banana? I have because mine do, they just love bananas, and bananas are just one of the great treats that you can give to your dog. Many veterinarians believe that bananas are really so much better for dog treats than the baked biscuit treats, because of the natural sugars in them. However, make sure you only give them as treats and they never become a replacement for the dog regular meals.

Take Cautions, When feeding Bananas: 

Some vets will prescribe bananas in little amounts for dogs that have bowel problems like colitis, bananas have enzymes that will help to soothe the irritated colon as well as slow down spasms in the colon, and also they have enough natural sugars in them, so this helps to give a dog a much needed pick-me-up in a dog that needs a boost because of a digestive issue. This is one way to give your dog a delightful treat, slice up a banana and then wrap it in peanut butter; this is a very healthy and yummy treat for your fur-baby, for any size or breed of dog really. But be warned, if you give too much to your dog then it can get diarrhea, so be careful of how much you feed your dog. It’s not a good idea to let your dog eat a whole banana, a little every day or a once in awhile big piece of banana is fine. A fresh banana is best for your dog and not the chips, because while bananas are good for dogs the chips have a lot of sulfites in them and can be bad for your pet. I haven’t heard anything about dogs eating the banana peel, but for my part I don’t let mine eat the peelings, just the banana it’s self so to be on the safe side of things I wouldn’t let them eat the peeling. However if any of you have heard anything about the banana peel, then please let me know in the comments section of my blog, I would appreciate it and this way I could update my article, so that it would be more helpful in the future for others that read my blog posts.

When feeding Fruits to Dogs:

Like I have said before, one thing about giving your dog bananas or any fruit in general, is how much sugar they have in them. Fruits have to have a particular digestive enzyme in them to be able to break-down the fruit in the intestine, this enzyme is unlike the enzyme used to break-down meats and vegetables, so if you feed your dog fruits, vegetables and meats together then they aren’t going to be digested fully. With this sugary and undigested part sitting in their intestinal tract it will end up helping the growth of bad bacteria, and this can advance to a digestive problem as well as other health problems.

The Key is knowing When to Feed Fruits to Your Dog:

So when you feed your dog a fruit before a meal, you should give it to the dog 1hr. before the meal, in this way it should be enough time for the fruit to digest before the regular meal of meat and vegetables. However, if you give your dog a fruit after a meal then you should wait for at least 2hrs after they have eaten their regular meal of meats and vegetables, in this way it gives their digestive system time for the fruit to be digested to the fullest.

Besides Strawberries and Bananas, Can Dogs eat Pineapple?

Pineapple, the sweet and tangy fruit:

Yes indeed!! they can eat pineapples. I have also heard that it is recommended for our fellow canine friends who have an interest in eating their own poop, apparently the pineapple is said to help with that, although I don’t quiet know how the pineapple helps with this but it might have something to do with the terrible after taste of the pineapple when combined with the poop. However, it is important to keep in mind that pineapple is not recommended food for dogs by veterinarians. I would not make a habit out of feeding it to my dogs. Well now you might be wondering that if pineapple isn’t recommended for food by veterinarians and they aren’t fatal to our dogs and they can eat pineapples, then why is it that they are not recommended food for our dogs, just read on and you will find out the answer to your question.

A few precautions, When Feeding Your Dog Pineapple:

When feeding your dog any fruit you should exercise caution, because dogs can react differently to the same type of foods. You may have heard some one say that they have feed their dog several slices of pineapple a day for as long as fifteen years or more and not once did it have an adverse effect on their dog, now this could be true and I certainly don’t doubt it as being the truth, although this may be true for their dog it doesn’t mean it will be true for your dog. There is a chance that some dogs might be effected in a different way and cause the dog to have diarrhea because of the high amounts of sugar, however that is about as far as it would go and not in anyway life threatening to the dog. As the pineapple gets digested in the dogs stomach it establishes an aftertaste, and this aftertaste is what many veterinarians agree on as to what helps the dog  to stop eating it’s own poop. As with anything new that you give your dog, always check with your veterinarian as to whether your dog might have a different reaction to the pineapple before giving to your dog.

What amount of Pineapple Should You Feed Your Dog?

Pineapple can be good for your dog, but only in little amounts at a time, sort of be a little on the greedy side when giving pineapple to your dog by only giving it to your dog in mini pieces by cutting the chunk in half, that is ( littler than the chunks in the canned pineapple) you can use these as a treat to train your dog with or as just a small goody for your dog, many dogs seem to like them this way, pineapples are agreeable for your dog’s digestion, they have a protein which helps the dog to digest protein better. Like before with other fruits always make sure you remove the seeds of any fruit you are giving to your dog, because of the cyanide that the seeds contain in them which are poisonous to dogs, also don’t give your dog too much of the fruit or it might get a real bad case of diarrhea or a bad stomachache.

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